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The company Irrigation department evolved in 1982 as a design and installation operation and has since been responsible for a large proportion of the major irrigation designs and installations in the domestic, commercial-industrial and large projects.

The company has also been capable for the design and installation of manual, semi and fully automatic and mist systems. Several decisions must be made before an irrigation system is installed in a project. Some determinations are technical in nature, some economic, and others involve a close scrutiny of the operation and Plant to be irrigated.

Field Constraints:
Drainage is a major field problem that can affect irrigation. Poorly drained fields, because of poor surface and internal soil drainage, can cause problems of water logging or drowning of Plants.

Water Supply:
The water source for irrigation should be as clean as possible. Surface water often carries sediments and trash. Large particles should be screened out, letting fines pass, location, quantity, and quality of water should be determined before any type of irrigation system is selected. No assumptions should be made with the water supply.

Irrigation Systems:
Several irrigation systems are on the market, and are mainly in three major categories -- surface, sprinkler, or drip. Each system has advantages, disadvantages, and uses.

Sprinkler irrigation systems come in various shapes, sizes, costs, and capabilities. Sprinklers adapt to a range of soil and topographic conditions. When choosing sprinkler or any other type of irrigation system, there are several considerations:


Ability of the system to meet Plants needs.
Adaptability to soil characteristics, Plant, terrain, and field shape.
Water quantity available.

Drip Irrigation:
Drip irrigation is a highly efficient system and is effective in watering tree Plants, trellis, or high-value horticulture Plants. Drip irrigation is designed to water the Plant and not the whole area on which the Plant is planted. Labor requirements for drip irrigation are low; the system is easily automated or could be operated manually with little effort with the proper design. The heart of drip irrigation is the filtration, and a good filtration system is required to.

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